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i really miss who i used to be. you know, vinnie keller, the doctor, the normal guy. and i think, i really think, i can be that person again. and with me... you'd always be, what? not normal? alex is willing to give her life up to go with me. and not here, just... away somewhere from all of this so i can be free, you know, from... from muirfield. would you? would she?
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if she knew the truth? vincent, you haven't told her. and until you do, isn't all of this just a fantasy? captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the cw. shocked and grief for a bay area family. they discover their missing relative stabbed to death. new information on that lion attack. the animal sanctuary intern was killed when the lion snuck up behind her. >> some of you have not seen a drop of rainfall all evening long and some have had a half an inch of rain. how much rain you'll have tonight. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a san jose family is grief stricken after finding a family member. kpix5's kit doe explains what
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took so long to find the missing man. kit. >> reporter: we know ken, we just learned that the woman arrested has confessed to the killing and she will be charged with murder. police also tell us that the victim was stabbed multiple times and crime scene was gruesome. >> for the past month, christina has been scouring the streets locking for her grandfather. it turns out, he was literally right under everyone's noses the whole time. >> you didn't smell anything? >> yes, it smelled like garbage, but he was decaying that much. today he really smell the decay. >> the 70-year-old man had been stabbed. his body stuffed under the mattress of his own foldout sofa bed. christina reported her grandpa missing on february 18. no one, not her, not the police, notice the decomposing body under the mountain of junk inside his apartment until it got really bad. >> at first it was a relief
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knowing he was there and then i felt the gun wrenching that i've been in here three times and i didn't see him. that almost made me pass out. >> police arrested this woman, 47-year-old regina butler. the granddaughter says she is a homeless alcoholic drug addicted prostitute who was stealing the victim's social security checks for more than a year. christina knew she would be coming back to the apartment and had everyone on the lookout. >> my phone rang three times. the office rang three times. i was here within 8 minutes and i chased her down and kept her here until the place came. >> sam suffered from dementia and told everyone butler was his girlfriend. warned multiple times that the woman was not welcome. when she kept coming, stan got an eviction notices and they think that's when she killed
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him. >> he was a senior and he was used and abused. it's a sad situation. >> we asked the victim's granddaughter what she wants to happen to the suspect at the time. she said that she'll loaf that leave that up to the court. >> the granddaughter proved to be quite the investigator, it seems. >> yeah, she got a couple tips from social media. she followed up, found a suspect at a gas station and at a bank and changed the locks here and monitoring the bank account. she did such a good job, that the police department actually half jokingly offered her to apply as a detective at the department. >> kit doe in san jose, thank you. the south bay is getting soaked tonight. here is a look at our kpix high deaf dop lar. >> doppler. >> north of the golden gate,
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barely a drop of rain fall. look at the radar light up with yellows, oranges, and reds towards san jose and the south bay. that has been the bulls eye and continues to be this evening. picking up light to moderate rain fall. north up to fremont and light to moderate rain for san mateo. some light showers now making it back up to san rafael and up and down the peninsula. light rain continues south to palo alto. how much rain? a decent rain amount for san jose, zaire toe -- saratoga. some new details on that deadly lion attack at a central valley sanctuary. kpix5's joe vazquez found out the young intern had no intention of getting close to the big cat that even
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eventually killed her. >> diana hanson was not purposely alone and not mauled to death. the five-year-old lion was closed off in a small feeding area while the intern at the private zoo was cleaning the lion's larger cage. but the coroner says couscous escaped that smaller cage. perhaps used his paw to flip over the latch. he escaped, pinning the 24-year- old, crushing her. >> she was absolutely fearless. she was no more afraid of those lions and tigers as she was of the house cat. >> the coroner told him the lion did not maul his daughter, but was instead trying it play with her. in the process, he sat on top of diana. the king of beasts ended up killing his keeper by breaking her neck. her dad says she had no problem at all getting inside those cages with them.
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a constant source of worry. >> i've always had a premonition that some dai would get a call like this. i thought it would be in the future. >> her family is planning a memorial. >> she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here. and she is going to be missed. i'm so sorry this has happened. >> it's really a tragic story and you're telling me that investigators found something else in the cage. >> yes, after all that, also turns up she was on her cell phone the whole time. so she was talking with a coworker on the cell phone. suddenly the phone goes dead, the coworker rushes over there and tries to coax the lion off this intern to no avail. the cops had to shoot the lion. >> tragedy all around. >> absolutely. joe vazquez, thank you. a final salute today to two
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fallen heros. a sea of uniforms outside the pavilion as mourners came by the thousands. santa cruz police sergeant and detective, elizabeth butler. two fallen officers whose lives were cut short, surrounded by thousands who came many miles to pay their respects to the first santa cruz officers ever killed in line of duty. >> we rather to remember a mother, a partner, an inspiration to all of us. we gather to remember a father, a husband, a mentor, and a friend. i love them both dearly and i will miss them for ever. >> then, the heartbreaking good-byes from the fallen officer's families. the silence was deafening when
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elizabeth butler's partner brought one of their two young sons with them to the podium. two boys now without a mom. >> i miss you so much, katherine. we will miss you so much. good-bye, my love. >> and butch baker's daughter, jillian, standing with her brother, adam, read her father's day card. >> daddy, i love you more than you will ever know, i will carry the values, morals, ethics, and lessons you instilled in me early on. so thank you, daddy. and today, celebrate yourself. there's so much to love. love always, jill.
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>> a scholarship fund has been established in the fallen officer's names. you can donate to the city of santa cruz. we put a link on our website, click on news and look for coverage on this story. there was yet another shooting today. this time it was a man in san francisco's south beach neighborhood. he is expected to survive. this happened in front of an apartment building on bryant street just before 4:00 this afternoon. someone shot a passenger of a car. the driver then took off looking for help. eventually he wound up on market street. the wound ed man was taken to the hospital. motive for the shooting is not known and the shooter is still on the loose. another drug deal stopped in its tracks.
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tsa agents uncovered 67-pounds of marijuana in a bag checked in by a passenger heading to south carolina. the tsa says the pot was found during a random inspection of the man's bag. an estimated street value of $300,000. alameda county sheriff deputies arrested the unidentified 21-year-old man and charged him with possession of marijuana for sale. there's a new million area somewhere in the east bay. the jackpot winning superlotto ticket was sold at a walnut creek gas station. john shared the excitement with the station's employees and customers. >> it cost a fortune to fill your tank with gas these days, but someone's fortune was made. >> we are talking $33 million. >> the winning ticket wednesday's super lotto plus was purchased right here in this tiny snack shop. the jackpot had been growing
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because no one had won since last december. it's anment an amount that is causing nonplayers to reconsider. >> $33 million? >> whoever picked these winning numbers has not come forward yet. >> some people like to get their finances in order and decide how they want to take it. they have their choice of having a lump sum or doing it over the 26 years. >> that would be $1.6 million a year or a lump sum of $23.8 million. that is before uncle sam takes his cut. >> we really got excited. >> the manager was thrilled because the station will get $165,000 for the win. >> did you ever expect something like this to happen? >> not really. but we are really, really wanting. >> sales here will probably increase for at least the next few months as players flock to
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the newest lucky store. but even with all the excitement, you just knew there was going to be something. >> it's only $33 million. >> that's not enough for you? >> government gets 50%, state gets 10, i don't know. >> you're a glass half full kind of guy, aren't you? >> he's a glass empty guy. >> then again, he may be right. because if the lucky winner comes here too often, $33 million might not be enough. in walnut creek, kpix5. >> the winner has 180 days to claim the prize. if no one does, the money is forfeeted to the state. so far, the money has never gone unclaimed. coming up, some tough words from north korea. why it is threatening a nuclear strike on washington, d.c. imagine having to pay tax on e-mail. that's the idea from a bay area city councilman. is it good sense or wacky? wait until you hear what others
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york tomorrow. it's bin laden's son-in-law. he is facing terrorism charges. cbs reporter, bob orr, on the arrest that is being called another victory for the obama administration. >> sulaiman abu ghaith was a chief spokesman for al-qaeda, a leading propaganda in the months surrounding 9/11. on september 12, one day after the attacks, abu appeared next to bin laden in this video, warning america to brace for followup blows from the terror group. but one the u.s. military lost its war in afghanistan late 2001, abu ghaith dropped out of sight. counterterrorism officials say a handful of other fugitives fled to iran where they spent several years under house arrest. he resurfaced last month in turkey. u.s. intelligence was tipped off and sources say abu ghaith
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was arrested last thursday, february 28, and secretly flown to new york. on monday, a federal grand jury in new york indicted abu ghaith on a conspiracy to kill united states nationals. the capture extends the rates of a depleted al-qaeda. only a few top remain. among them are with california born, adam, and one-time florida resident al-zawa. he should be facing military charges at guantanamo bay. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> country of north korea threatened to fire nuclear missiles at washington. the challenge came just before the u.s. security council passed tough new sanctions
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targeting the secret nation's nuclear program. this is the fourth round of sanctions against the north and this time its strongest ally, china, helped draft the resolution. >> the strength and severity of these sanctions show the rest of the security council takes seriously the north koreaen threats. >> these sanctions will bite and bite hard. they increase north korea's isolation. >> despite north korea's tough talk, it is widely believed the country is far from capable of launching any nuclear warhead. >> we have seen the rain slowly move through the bay area. now it's more south. >> it has been like a where's waldo kind of thing with the rain fall. it's coming down. it has been a wet evening in the south bay. those of you watching towards santa rosa, typically one of our wetter spots when the storm comes through. you've been dry.
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look at the lack of the rain fall. from the city and south, especially towards san jose, we are still seeing pretty significant rain fall. steady rain fall continues, and up toward livermore and pleasantton. san ramon and danville picking up light to moderate rain fall. light in places this evening. snow pack is up a little bit. it was the mid 60s when it comes to percentage of normal. it's up to 71%, but down from valentine's day. we were at 75%. we need more snow in the sierra. beautiful bay-like this evening. it's a chilly night. kind of a chilly day, wasn't it? now we're in the mid 50s. here's the setup. upper level low pressure is moving off to the south. that's why areas to the south are seeing the most rain fall because you are closer to the storm. this low is high tailing it out of here. the rain is going to be finished and once that low
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moves out, we're done with the rain fall for another week. so low is gone, so is the rain as of tomorrow morning. then high pressure builds in, and this is going to hang out for about a week, week and a half, giving us mainly dry conditions for a long time after tonight. showers have ended north of san francisco. they will end from north to south throughout the night. rain finished and next week and this weekend, all look very sunny and mild. tomorrow, it will be a chilly day. san jose 58. 57 for sunny vail. overnight showers for you. hitting 60 tomorrow, afternoon sunshine for san rafael and san francisco and daily city. mid to upper 50s for highs. look at the weekend, gorgeous, mid to upper 60s and next week, i'm looking at every day next week being in the low 70s. so, springtime as we spring forward this weekend. we're losing an hour of the weekend. >> it's a tough one. >> but 70 in the afternoon.
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>> we'll take it. >> thanks, paul. >> new at 10:00, a local politician thinks he has the perfect solution to save the postal service and post office building. charge a tax for e-mail. berkeley councilman sayings a so-called bit tax, such as a hundredth per cent for an e- mail. raise billions of dollars a year. >> i think there's other things you can tax if you want to save the post office. why don't we find a way to tax automobiles more. i don't know about the e-mail. what about all the websites that are making money. you know, there's no tax on that. >> last week, the postal service proposed selling the downtown berkeley post office building to make up for lost revenue. e-mail taxes banned by the 1998 internet tax free act. that act is set to expire in november of 2014. >> and coming up next, a
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frightening view from above the water in florida made for a good day to stay out of that water. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is rushing into the water jt yet. spring break, the weather prime for beach goers, but no one is rushing into the water just yet. >> definitely not. that's because of this. thousands of black tip sharks have been spotted gathering near the south florida coast.
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this is off hills borrow beach. one of several closed as a precaution. it is common. the sharks are following a path up north and will probably be gone by april. >> what about spring break in vegas? whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas. sergio takes the mound for mexico. you may be surprised what happens. from beautyrest40% and posturepedic.ets save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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more bucks under his wallet. woods held nine birdies on number four. finishes with a 6 under 66. he leads by 7 under mack l roy and mcllroy. the entire second half, four court, tim missed the layup. kept it in. we go to overtime. extra. ireland hits the jump shot. and it would stay that way. us is over. world baseball classic, sergio would not seal the deal for the mexicans against italy. can't handle the fly ball. one run scores, two run score to give the italians a lead and they win by that score. a's and the mariners for a base hit up the middle to score. the a's shortstop. beat
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